Final Conference (18 November 2014)


Inefficient use of fertilisers leads to the accumulation of nutrients in areas of intense agricultural activities and can cause serious environmental problems in these areas and beyond. Within the project “Resource Efficiency in Practice - Closing Mineral Cycles”, the most promising and cost-effective measures at the regional and farm levels were identified to increase the resource efficiency and use of nutrients (N, P, K) and help close mineral cycles, particularly in saturated areas in Europe. The findings have been translated into relevant practical measures for the farming community in these areas.

The final policy conference aims to present and discuss the project findings with relevant stakeholders and experts, including inter alia representatives of the European Parliament, European Commission, farmer unions and advisory services, NGOs and member state but also regional authorities, as well as representatives from academia.

In order to foster the debate, interactive roundtable discussions will be utilized to discuss: the identified potential measures and further measures to address nutrient surpluses, results from four regional conferences (targeting farmers and advisory services) and how to move forward in addressing the problem and closing mineral cycles at farm and EU level.

This 1-day conference is free of charge and offers opportunities for exchange and networking for up to 200 participants from all over Europe. You can already confirm your participation today by registering here.


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